21 Beautiful Transformations Of Historic Paintings Into Disney Characters

The world of art is not confined to a few but belongs to everyone.
In tandem, Carlos Gromo, a graphic designer from Spain, realized that many people needed more awareness of historic paintings.
After he graduated in Fine Arts, he got the idea to draw Disney characters to share the paintings to the public in ways they could appreciate. He changed the paintings into irresistible Disney characters that can稚 be ignored.
Depending on how complex the piece of art is, he can take three days to a month to get the work done.
He continued to inform 展e・that he also takes time when choosing his projects. He researches on what痴 being demanded in relation to his level of interest in the same. His sketching process is rigorous. He loves it when the work is finally done and he can put color on it.
The relation of the painting to the characters is genius. 釘elle and the beast・are shown in the light of 典he Kiss,・painted by Gustav Klimt. Anita and Roger of the 101 Dalmatians are the farmer and daughter of 鄭merican Gothic,・done by Grant Wood.
The project was highly appraised by the social community. His Instagram account is carlosgromodraw hosting 31 thousand followers.