The Enigma Surrounding The Realistic Looks Of 20 Famous And Popular Historic Figures Is Solved

Living in modern times makes us forget that there were others who lived before us who did not have the chance to leave the mark of their faces.
Most of the ancient paintings, sculptures and artifacts do not bring out the realistic frame of their faces like photos bring out nowadays.
A photographer, Bas Uterwijk, based in Amsterdam, recently gave us a glimpse behind the veil of the mystery. His knowledge in 3D animation, computer graphics and special effects.
His project started in 2019 when he tried to generate Billy the Kid痴 image, and the outcome was satisfactory.
When he tried the same for Napoleon, the results were not as pleasant. He waited for better software, and when he went at it again, the outcome was acceptable.
The resulting faces made him conclude that the human face has changed little through the centuries.
He was doing this using the neural networks and artificial intelligence. He believes that this is the next big thing after photography.
He throws in a little Photoshop for the hairstyles and clothes.
Bas feels that this style more than any other makes realistic images more than any other system till now.
Among others, he generated images of




Jesus Christ



Billy The Kid







Fayum Mummy Portraits