The Oldest Only Living Traditional Tattoo Artist In The Philippines

Whang Od Oggay is a 103-year-old tattoo artist. She comes from Kalinga Province in Northern Philippines. She is a 杜ambabatok,・or Kalinga tattooist. This is form of traditional tattooing. The tattoos comprise simple shapes, lines, animals and tribal prints.
They have relevant symbolism.
Many people from different parts of the world go to get themselves inked by her. Traditionally they were given to men who had killed in battle.
The tradition runs down a bloodline. Having no children of her own, she undertook to pass the knowledge to her grand-nieces. During her interview with CNN, she informed them that she was the only surviving tattoo artist of the kind.
Her tools of trade a pomelo tree thorn, a bamboo stick (one-foot long), water and coal. These tattoos are permanent. She taps the home-made ink deep into the skin with the thorn and bamboo.
One year ago, Rajayana Librojo Fajatin was tattooed by Whang Od. The villagers were welcoming and the children cheerful and honored their elders.
She said that she made the spur-of-the-moment decision to get herself tattooed, though she knew of Whang Od痴 art from childhood.
She now wears a serpent-eagle tattoo on her shoulder. The process was not painful.
The Twitter thread was filled with positive appraisals of the old woman and her art.

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