Quarantined Couples Are Bound To Repopulate The Earth After Covid-19 Devastation

The internet is abuzz of the many babies that have conceived during the quarantine period.
Is it a baby boom, perhaps?
OBGYN Dr. Melissa Richards does not think it will be as drastic as they think. She however takes note that the babies expected from the season beat the previous year with 1000 babies happening in 2020.
While December 2019 saw 58 births, they expect around 80 births in December 2020, Dr. Richards informed KTTC.
According to researcher Lyman Stone, of the Institute of Family Studies, when an event causing mass deaths happens, there ensues a decline in births after nine months. He pointed out his findings based on past pandemics and natural disasters.
This squashes the belief that Americans get more babies after a natural calamity strikes. Lyman says that such declines are temporary, as they are born of fear.
Regardless, this post proves that there is life after the pandemic.
It gives humorous baby announcements based on the current situation.
Most highlight that they did not manage to adhere to social distancing rules. Others point out they stocked up on the wrong protection. Still, others stocked up on love. All are in good humor and anticipation of good.