Vintage Surprises And Treasures Left By Previous House Owners

They say old is gold.
This has turned out to be true for a few people who moved in to previously owned homes. They got untold treasures that range from old coins, to expensive rings and discover secret doorways, hidden basements, old wells and other adventurous secrets.
For your pleasure thirty-eight times, the incidences have been captured for you. They are bound to transport you to previous times and into the lives of others.
The findings were enriching to the finders in kind and in adventure.
One of the interesting finds is storage spaces specially embedded in a portion of the bathroom wall for razor blades・disposal. This was because they were dangerous to dispose with the rest of the rubbish. These were included in houses that were constructed in times preceding 1970s.

Valuables sealed away in the bathroom wall.

The trapdoor that revealed the unfinished constructions underneath.

It was cool how the Walgreens turned the bank vault to a 砺itamin vault.・

It is a thoughtful investment, turning an old police station to an apartment.

It’s a thrilling adventure navigating the tunnel running underneath my apartment.

The sandstone gives the seating room a unique architectural touch.