The Reporter Ends Up Adopting The Dog That Couldn’t Let Go

Have you ever met an animal that connected with you at first sight?
That was the story for this reporter.
He went to the animal shelter to get a story. The puppy made his way to him and gave him an endearing hug that was captured on video. She clung on to him and would not let go.
He reciprocated by petting her.
It was a moment in time as he had not given her any treats. She just showered him with affection. The expression on the puppy痴 face was priceless.
The great connection bore fruit when the reporter adopted her. That day, the dog got a home where she would spend the rest of her days. The recorded scene was posted on the internet.
The reception was great.
Many thanked the reporter for adopting the sweet dog and showered him with blessings.
Some shared similar stories of the great connections they had when they first encountered their pets. One shared story showed how even after nine years of their pet痴 death, the connection with his dog never vanished.
Another wrote that he believes that dogs have souls and the ability to pick soul mates.
Someone else could not help but cry.

Image credits: NeniuDormo