50 Photos That Show Animals Having It Rougher Than You

We have all had those days that seem like living nightmares when everything falls apart.
Animals also face such rough days. They end up getting stressed, distressed and depressed.
We could help them get better or worse in their little horrific experiences.
According to Karen Johnson, a veterinary doctor, we should first ensure that we are calm. When we attend to them, when we are wound up in our own disappointments, they feed on that. This could worsen their experiences instead of making them better.
Dogs are better at dealing with stressful situations than our feline friends.
Keeping this in mind, if you notice your domesticated animals or pets behaving abnormally, they could be stressed or depressed. They forget their trained disciplines, shed fur, whine and pant too much, while yawning a lot.
When this happens, get to the root cause of the problem and help the animal be restored to serenity.
It is unfortunate for our harmless friends from the wild side.

The squirrel is mourning the loss of its home after the yard tree got cut down.

The size of the moose scared the crap out of my friend’s dog.

A cat can be territorial too. Ask the bear running from the backyard in Montana