Fashionable New Looks For Historical Figures Including Julius Caesar

Archeology and history have always been subjects of fascination for me since childhood.
Most of us view history as the movies we watch. Something that is not tangible. However, if we connect to history through the things that once belonged to the long-departed or the preserved remains of the historic icons, we will get the feel of their existence.
It would be fun if there was a possibility of reaching back in history and seeing their actual appearance in action.
That notion inspired the inception of Royalty Now. Through this project that I started in February 2019, I could transform Anne Boleyn into a woman of the 21st century. With the help of the few not so perfect portraits of her, I painstakingly got to work.
The Royalty Now account was inspired by the curiosity of how historic figures would look like if they resurrected today.
Many have been intrigued by the content and I’m grateful for the interest shown in the project.
Some faces featured in the project include:

Julius Caesar,

Queen Elizabeth I,

Alexander The Great,

Anne Boleyn,

Mary Queen Of Scots,

Emperor Augustus,

Abraham Lincoln,


Benjamin Franklin,

Mona Lisa,