Recreations Of Photos Taken Decades Earlier Takes Photography A Notch Higher

Chris Porsz is a street photographer who recently gave himself a challenge that added to his latest compilation of photos.
He tracked down the participants of the photographs he took in the 1990s, stretching back to the 70s.
The collection comprises couples, families, business people and distinct individuals walking the streets. The project brings about 135 reunions.
One can’t help but get the illusion of time travel.

The railway kiss that was captured in 1980 and recreated in 2009 was magical.

The five aging men running in the same streets in 2016 as they did in 1987 ignites the imagination.)

The friends who gathered at the same spot on Gladstone Street in 2015, 35 years later (from 1980) make us realize that friendships do stand the test of time.

The photos have been compiled in a book he called Reunions. Jo Riley makes short notes that inform us a little about the people in the photos.
Time influences everyone’s physical appearance. However, the essence of a person never changes but gets better with time.

The beauty of women staying friends from their younger days in 1982 and in 2011 recreating the same scene.

#12 Pin Badges (1970 And 2013)

Captured on the same lane is a photo of a mother and her three children 40 years apart.