Photoshop Genius Is Literally Transforming Photos As Per Requests

If you have ever wanted to perfect your photos and rid them of that minor detail that gets at you, be warned.
James Fridman is the photoshop genius who will do that for you. Or will he?
His famous accomplishments are all over the internet portraying his expertise. There are two million Instagram followers attesting to this.
He is humorous or brutal. It all depends on perception.
Does he intentionally misinterpret? He does it for fun and not as a graphic designer. He informed 典elegraph.・He started manipulating images when the concept had not been exploited. Everyone wanted to be a subject.
His first re-creations were of his close relations. When the rest of the surrounding community observed the creativity, they liked it. That is how his works gained popularity.
He uses the soft-landing of humor to address serious matters affecting the society that are otherwise sensitive.
He believes that today’s society is inclined to the offensive. Most of his fans take it in good stride.

James, also known as the Photoshop wizard who has been trolling people longer than we could remember, has become notorious for his comedic photo edits and blatant misinterpretations.

“I don’t consider myself a graphic designer, it is more of a hobby”, he told Telegraph. When he first started using image manipulation software, it was something new and not as widespread as it is now, so everyone was up for the experiment.

James initially “did some funny edits for friends and family, and they ended up on the internet. Apparently, people found it quite entertaining and asked for more” and, as you’d imagine, the rest is history.

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But the graphic designer is well aware of the humorous impact he has on social media. “Entertainment accounts cater to awider audience, delivering current news and addressing social issues wrapped in humour. Itmakesit easier to work through sensitive subjects,” James explained.

When it comes to getting offended by James’ mischievous edits, the designer believes that “it’s now a trend to get offended by almost everything.” Having said that, I am sure he has nothing but good intentions and his fan club of 2 million Instagram followers is proof of that.

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Sarcastic humor is great in driving the message home.