50 Amazing Photos Of Squirrels’ Escapades Captured Over Six Years

He is an internationally acclaimed photographer who has been awarded for his great work. He is Dutch from Sweden.
His work has been featured in magazines, the TV, Radio, in calendars, books and newspapers.
Inspiration struck six years ago when a fox stopped by and he fed it. A habit formed where the fox kept coming back for more. That is where he started taking the pictures.
He ended up setting props on his balcony for the fox.
A little later, a Russian bird started coming and was soon incorporated, having to find hidden food strategically placed. The balcony became a studio of animal photography equipped with mirrors, cameras and props.
Some photos received awards and got published.
Finally, the squirrels joined the party and sealed the venture as his source of livelihood.
He has two annual workshops organized for the squirrels. They target the time of birth of their babies.
Only three squirrels are allowed in the workshop, which runs for five days.
The photos capture the squirrels feeding on the flowers, mushrooms, berries and nuts. It is fascinating to watch the little munchkins interacting with the props.










The squirrel ready with a little axe in the limb to crack up the nuts.