A Recommendations List on Helping Out Prepared by a Woman for Everybody

The Black Lives Matter protest has grown increasingly the past months and people are asking how they can help out to seek justice not just for George Floyd, but for all colored people. Betsy Faulkner took it to herself to share a list of things that we can do to do such. She gave recommendations on what to watch, read, listen to, to educate ourselves, and think of ways we can be part of the movement. There are also various charities, organizations, and initiatives that you can financially support.

Betsy prepared the list just for herself and maybe a few family members and friends, but she did not expect it to be such a helpful resource for everyone else as well. Even actress Susan Sarandon thanked her for the list.

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Here are close up captures of the poster for better readability.

The BLM protests have so far been the biggest in history, hindered only by the global pandemic. The supporters realize that reform will not be easy and that the inherent design of the US system was not meant to consider people of color. Everyone really needs to be aware of what they can do to help change this.

She shared that we could start by voting for those who run for public office who are not racist. She has enjoyed white privileges but now resolves to use them to push for POC rights.

People loved what she did and gave suggestions as well.

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