A Black Man Expresses His Fear of Walking Alone in His Own Neighborhood

Shola Richards is a TEDx speaker and author of best-selling books and he shared about his life right now amidst the BLM protests. In his post on Facebook, he said that he has fears whenever he walks with his daughters or with his dog around their neighborhood and he knows that this shouldn’t be the case at all. He has lived in his LA home for the past 4 years!

He was really devastated upon hearing about the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arberry and he has been dealing with his anxiety about these issues since. He posted his rant on Facebook as a sort of catharsis for him and did not expect such overwhelming responses.

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Image credits: Shola MRichards

He is surprised but delighted to know that his post changed the perspectives of so many people because that was his intent.

Image credits: Shola MRichards

He is optimistic about the direction that systemic racism is taking right now and is hopeful that long-term change will come soon. His rant gained 596k shares and 494k reactions and was even featured in the news.

They call him Brother Teresa and a cheerleader of sorts because of what he did. You can check out his books: Making Work Work and Go Together to know more about his works.

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