83-year-old Mom and Her Daughter Recreate Famous Paintings While in Quarantine

While other countries are slowly easing their restrictions due to the global pandemic, some people still choose to stay indoors just to be on the safe side. Despite the boredom that comes with being stuck at home, it’s better than risking your life to contracting the lingering effects of COVID-19 in the world. In fact, people have learned to manage the monotony of daily life by doing all sorts of things to keep themselves entertained.

Airsquid, an Imgur user, posted about her friend and her mother of 83 years fighting the boredom together by re-enacting classic art with stuff that they have at home. Though they are ordinary people, with not much to boast of at home in terms of props and things, their creations have been well appreciated by the online community. They are one of the best compared to similar ventures done by other people.

Check out their creations below and see for yourself how they managed to portray famous paintings with mere objects at home as props. Upvote your favorites and leave comments if you wish.

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