Superior Who Exhibited Poor Leadership Yelled at a Loyal Employee and Lost Him

Employees who are loyal to a company are its lifeblood. They are those who exert extra effort to achieve company goals and align them with their own. They’re a rare commodity and an organization will do well to make them stay. These are the kind of people who will selflessly take actions that will further the purposes of the company that they are working for.

Sadly, some superiors do not see how valuable these people are, and they make decisions that they will regret later on.

Image credits: Shaneé Moret

Shaneé Moret recently turned to LinkedIn and shared about a friend who had been yelled at and humiliated by a superior who berated him for being a bit late coming into the office. Shanee’s post went viral and served as a reminder for all bosses out there to think twice before handling such a situation.

That one act pushed the employee to think twice about his loyalty with the company and this proves that leaders must really be not only able to achieve the company’s objectives but to also manage his team well.

Shanee shared that a simple inquiry as to the reason why her friend was late could have made all the difference in the world. Her friend is already happy with his new job, luckily.

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