Is it a Dog or a Cat or Crossbreed of Both?

This is the current debate throwing the internet into a frenzy. A strange-looking cuddly little fellow who looks like a cat and barks like a dog was found living in Vietnam. This find could end the identity crisis of whether one is a cat or a dog person.

After much speculation, the owners were tracked down. They (Tuan and Hai Anh) said that the little dog’s name is Dui. The name means “bamboo rat.” The fan page created for him got forty thousand likes within five days.

Dui is a crossbreed between two dogs: the Dingo, a dog with short legs, and a native dog. The corgi mix look might have something to do with the gene mutation. The local Hmong dog has a dock-like tail and a face that is squishy. Dui is a playful puppy full of fans. Good for the “dog people.”

Psychologist Denise Guastello, an associate professor at Carroll University, Wisconsin, says that the preference has a lot to do with people’s personalities. “Dog people” are more outgoing (extroverts) and inclined to the outdoors. “Cat people” could be more reserved (introverted) and have a tendency to stay indoors. Therefore, people choose their pets in line with their lifestyle choices.

All images above credit: Gấu Mèo Bắc Mỹ

Image credits: Gumball Watterson