Hilarious Posts and Memes on the SpaceX Launch (25 photos)

Last May 31, a privately-owned company in the US launched its very first SpaceX Dragon space capsule with astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. The two made it to the International Space Station that day after docking. This was a first in history and a sure milestone in the space travel industry.

People, however, have launched funny memes and posts in response to the launching and We has compiled them along with an interview with Wojdas from the SpaceX Memes Facebook page.

A particular tweet by Andy Milonakis, the actor, went viral as soon as it was posted. Actor Andy Milonakis’ tweet had 69.6M impressions, 796k retweets, and 3.6M likes so far. It gained the 3rd most-liked tweet since the beginning, next to President Obama’s.




Milonakis shared that the SpaceX memes are powerful enough to draw attention to the popularization of science and are achieving their purposes.




Wojdas said that this is a momentous event since a commercial jet was able to bring astronauts to the space station and it’s only a matter of time until space exploration will be available for others, too.





Musk who founded SpaceX got emotional thinking about what this event means for humanity in the near future. There will be possibilities for visiting Mars!

The commercial jet was named, “Endeavour,” by the astronauts and they will spend 4 months in space.