The Hug that Says it All – Two Best Friends Who Last Saw Each Other a Mere Two Days Ago

As adults, most of us still hold our best friends very dear to our hearts. However, because of the day to day grind of life, all the things that keep us busy, and the recent global pandemic, it’s possible that we have not seen them in a while.

Children are quite different from us such that they are completely honest and expressive about their feelings. Best friends, Finnegan and Maxwell, showed the world how true friends are supposed to be like, especially when they haven’t seen each other for the longest time. And with long we mean two days of course, for five minutes can feel like an eternity for a toddler, what more two days?

Check out the video photos below and be prepared to have your heart melted.

Thanks to Michael Cisneros, the father of Maxwell, who shared the video with the rest of us, we can learn a thing or two from these adorable cuties about friendship.

Michael shared with ABC News that these boys have been friends for a year and have been inseparable since.

They always talk about each other when apart and can’t wait to get together. They also attend a dance class together where they are both doing excellently.

It kind of makes you want to suddenly call up your BFFs and get together, right? How does this story speak to you? Comment below to share your insights and share it with your friends.

People absolutely loved the two besties.