Alligator Comics that Show Goodness can be in Anyone

“Are there times you have turned critical and negative towards others?”

Here is a chance for you to change your mind.

Everyone has a gift to give to the world. Attitude can be the difference between us seeing the good or the bad in others.

A positive outlook in life will go a long way in changing our perception of people. The alligator comics below will help us do this. The scary image of the alligator portrayed, pitted against the friendly gestures and gentle character he has.

Meet “Buddy Gator.”

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#1 He accepts kindness from his little friends.

#2 “Gator Buddy” wishes the best for everyone.

#3 Trusting others have their best interest for you.

#4 Knowing that love is a gift to be shared.

# 5 Love will always bring us together even when we are apart.

#6 When you care enough, you will always be willing to help.

#7 Forgiveness and reconciliation is always the way forward.

#8 When you sincerely want to help, you will find a way.

#9 Surprising your buddies on their birthday is the best.

#10 Make your friends feel less awkward.

#11 Be the shelter in someone’s storm.

#12 A good turn deserves another.

#13 True wealth is sharing what you have.