30 Different Eye-Catching Succulents that Capture Nature’s Beauty

Succulents are interesting plants that can leave people staring in dazed wonder.

They come in all shapes and sizes, yet they are not as demanding of care as most plants are. They also do not take up much space, making for the ideal house plant.

Cactus is a succulent. There are many other succulents not belonging to the cacti family – the clear, rose, bunny, unusual, dolphin, mermaid tail succulents among others. Most of them mimic something in nature or in fairy tales or outer space. They could get the imagination running wild.

Succulents survive in dry surroundings. Thus, only water them when the soil goes dry. They will not need water during winter and autumn. Most offices have at least one of these plants.

Clear (Harworthia Cooperi) succulents are popular as their leaves let in plenty of light and minimize water loss as the roots go deep in the ground. They are a great first try for anyone who would like to grow succulents.

Grow them in the soil of gritty continence.

Always make sure that the entire plant is getting plenty of light. It will be great to dust them so they can maintain their authentic appeal.

Point out your favorites and post some photos of your succulents for fun.

Point out your favorites and post some photos of your succulents for fun.

#1 Clear Succulent Plant

#2 Rose Succulents

#3 Bunny Succulents

Some of the fantastically strange plants like the mermaid tail or the opal-like clear succulents look like they’re from another planet and something that aliens keep on their alien desks in their alien offices.

If you want to get one of these peculiar succulents for yourself or for your loved ones as a gift, the mermaid one is called a crested Senecio Vitalis while the clear one is the Haworthia Cooperi plant.

Haworthia succulents are popular because of their “leaf windows” which let in a lot of light for the plant. The “windows” also minimize water loss from evaporation because the rest of the plant is buried underground. Haworthia plants also have accordion-like roots that pull them deeper into the ground so that they can thrive.

#4 Unusual Succulent

#5 Trachyandra

#6 Albuca

According to Reddit, Haworthia plants are easy to take care of and are great succulents for beginners: just pop them on the windowsill and they’ll be happy. Especially if you plop it into some gritty soil.

In general, succulents need plenty of light and you need to rotate them occasionally so all parts of it can enjoy the sun and to help it grow straight.

Overwatering is a big no-no, so check the soil regularly: if it’s dry, get your watering can ready. Also, keep in mind that succulents need more water during Spring and Summer and barely need any in Fall and Winter when they’re ‘resting.’ Finally, wipe the dust off your succulents to help them grow and become your picture-perfect plant-pals.

#7 Lithops

#8 Echeveria

#9 Conophytum Bilobum

#10 Succulent

#11 Euphorbia

#12 Aztekium

#13 Kalanchoe

#14 Stapelia

#15 Dolphin Succulents

#16 Boophone Haemanthoides

#17 Unusual Succulent

#18 Mermaid Tail Succulent

#19 Pageae

#20 Orbea Variegata (Starfish Plant)

#21 Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Succulent

#22 Gentiana Urnula

#23 Stringofpearls

#24 Crassula Umbella

#25 Lithops

#26 Aeonium

#27 Klubrostok

#28 Bowiea Volubulis

#29 Unusual Succulent

#30 Stapelia