Photos That Will Prove How Truly Amazing Foxes Are (35 images)

Though the world cannot get enough of cats and dogs, foxes do bring something to the table, too. We had compiled some photos of foxes to prove this.

Help Wildlife, a British charity-run advice website shared that foxes are just as smart as dogs and are not at all cunning as the social stigma says. They are also quite playful.

1 Planted Fox

2 Sunset

3 Baby Foxes

Help Wildlife’s Sarah shared that foxes must be watched from afar first since there is the possibility of catching illnesses from wild animals.

4 Decoration

5 My Daily Visitor

6 Baby Foxes

Some interesting facts about foxes are that a group is called a skulk (or leash) and they have whiskers not just on the face but the legs as well, to help them as they wave through tall grass.

Foxes’ tails are their balancing tool and a way to communicate with other foxes. Also, they are kept warm by their furry tails when it’s cold.

7 Canadian Marble Fox

8 Pudding

9 Foxtails

Foxes are excellent climbers and have night vision. They have a keen sense of hearing as well and a clock ticking from 36.6m away is audible to them.

They eat various foods such as fish, frogs, rodents, fruits and roots.

10 This Fox

11 Sleeping on a Tree Stump

12 Chilling

13 My Dog’s Ball

14 Ssh

15 A Cub Snuck In

16 Woke up to this

17 Foxes Sleeping

18 Went Kayaking

19 Jasper

20 This Arctic Fox

21 Rare ‘Silver Fox’

22 Napping

23 Fox Cubs

24 In a Flowerpot

25 Foxes of Zao

26 Family of Foxes

27 Malachi Fox

28 Red Fox

29 Jethro, My Fox Friend

30 Christmas Came Early

31 Baby Fox

32 If It Fits

33 Miyagi Zao Fox Village

34 Oscar

35 A Baby Fox