Misbehaving Pets that Got Punished with Public Humiliation (40 photos)

As much as we adore our pets, they also drive us crazy when they do naughty deeds. In this compilation of We, they feature misbehaving pets and how their hoomans posted their “crimes” to not only give them a bit of public shame but to also provide us with some hilarious time with their funny shenanigans.

1 Two Types

2 Looking Proud

3 Left This Note

Though these are humorous to us, behavior problems may be signs of underlying conditions in your pets like fear or anxiety according to Bill Lambert, Head of Health, and Welfare at The Kennel Club.

4 I Just Thought

5 Home Improvements

6 True Story

Lambert said that positive reinforcement needs to be introduced to your pet early on but with older dogs, you may need the help of specialist trainers. Public humiliation or treating them badly after a misdeed is not recommended.

7 She screamed

8 Hamburger Thief

9 Cat-Shaming

Behavior problem precursors include difficulty to settle, lip curling, licking, too much yawning, panting, or refusing food, among others. Give them space when they need it and love and comfort when they ask for it.

10 Well, Pete

11 The Smile

12 Groundhog Day

13 Next Time

14 Binx

15 This Happened

Some experts in animal welfare are against pet shaming because it might be bad for their overall wellbeing, shared Caroline Kisko, The Kennel Club’s secretary.

16 Glitter Bomb

17 Self-Sufficiency

18 Sneaky Pooper

19 I Ate Her Passport

20 Fat-Shamed

21 Loves Pizza

22 Meatball

23 Husband’s Teeth

24 This Happened

25 Colin

26 These Bad Dogs

27 Atlas

28 Shame on You

29 Mr. Skunk

30 Business Calls

31 Sketchy Character

32 Stealth Licker

33 Scare

34 Willis

35 I Ate Alexa

36 Hide

37 Taste-Test

38 This Belongs Here

39 Candy and Casper

40 Delicious