Tiny Bird with Wounded Feet Gets Some Snowshoes and Recovers

Have you ever wondered what you would have done if you had seen a small Northern Mockingbird with injured feet? Will you create a makeshift cast made out of tape and cardboard to help it heal? Will you spend time looking after the bird to make sure that her feet will recover and go back to its normal shape?

That’s exactly what the wonderful people from California Wildlife Center (CWC) did to an actual mockingbird they saw who had knuckled feet. This was a typical condition among baby birds and the rescuers made miniature snowshoes for it to help it move around.

Duane Tom of CWC shared that without the snowshoes, the bird hops on its toes which worsens her condition. But now that it has some footgear, the feed can heal and grow normally.

The bird eventually was released into the wild with normal feet after wearing the snowshoes for a while. Hooray!

More info: California Wildlife Center, (h/t:thedodo)

A Northern Mockingbird with injured feet rescued by CWC

Here are the snowshoes which the rescuers from California Wildlife Center made for the tiny Northern Mockingbird.

Veterinarian Duane Tom reiterates that it takes 1-2 weeks before the snowshoes can be removed and the feet of the tiny bird will heal and become normal.