A Hilarious Series on a Husband Making the Bed for His Wife of 45 years

After a blissful marriage for the past 45 years, Joanne Sterlong of Manson, Washington, decided to delegate the making of the bed to her husband, Jim.

She found her strategies hilarious and fantastic that she decided to take pictures of them every day and posted them on Facebook. The photos instantly went viral and people are clamoring for the next bed design by Jim.

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Joanne laughingly shared with We that she thought of giving over the task to Jim so he can have a chance to pull his weight around the house.

Jim even bargained to just do his side of the bed, but Joanne said it has to be all the way.  Jim, then, decided to make all these silly arrangements to get her to laugh. She hopes that his enthusiasm and creativity last very long.

All images above credit: Joanne Sterling

He went on strike one day and left the bed unmade, though, and Joanne said that the pressure of people viewing his bed arrangements online got the better of him. However, it was just one day, and Jim went on with his bed designs the next day.

Joanne was astounded by the attention that her posts was getting because she totally did not expect it. She was happy that she made people laugh by her photos, though, and said that everyone needs reasons to smile during this time of pandemic.

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