Mom Illustrates How Drug Addiction can Damage a Person by Showing Before and After Pictures of her Son 7 Months in Between

Drug addiction is a bane to humanity’s existence. If one family member suffers from it, everyone else would also suffer. The parents most of all, think of themselves as responsible for their children’s upbringing. They will be hurt the most and think that it is their fault that their offspring partakes in it.

Jennifer Salfen-Tracy is one such parent. Her oldest son Cody Bishop has been missing for many weeks. She found out he has been living as a homeless person in Las Vegas and addicted to crystal meth and heroin. She hoped that her son would come home and get cleaned up.

Until then, she wanted to highlight how drugs can damage a person if left untreated, so she shared two before and after pictures of her son, seven months apart. One shows Cody as a healthy and happy young man, the other as a man that has lost his mind due to drugs.

Cody Bishop looks like a happy man that has a great future.

Seven months later, Cody looks like a ghost of his former self.

Jennifer’s desperate plea.

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