Disney Princesses Represented by Plus-Sized Women

Every little girl watches and gets inspiration from Walt Disney cartoon movies, specifically the Disney princesses. They have their pick of the favorites: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and more recently, Elsa and Anna. They look up to them, try to imitate, and even dress up like them.

Yet in truth, they don’t represent the entire female race and only cater to specific stereotypes. What about the lesbian princess, or the not so pretty ones? And what about the plus-sized ones? Care to explain Disney?
Movie studios are conservative by nature, so people like Natasha Polis, a social media influencer, created the #PlusSizePrincessProject to give representation for bigger women.

Many women of that ilk answered her call and dressed up as Disney princesses for Halloween. Women from all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes sent pictures to the project.

Hopefully, moving forward, someone from the Walt Disney Corporation will see Natasha’s efforts.

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#1 Moana seems different and much better-looking.


#3 Don’t eat that large cupcake Alice!

#4 Elena


#6 By the looks of it, Jasmine can kick your ass.


#8 Mulan should get prepared for war.


#10 The mythological Megara in true form.


#12 Merida needs to hunt more kills.


#14 Rapunzel will bonk you in the head.


#16 Is that the right wingspan for Tinkerbell?