A Pigeon Makes A Bed Out Of Poppies After Stealing Them From The Grave Of An Unknown Soldier

A strange incident happened when poppies started disappearing from the grave of a soldier unknown to them in a War Memorial. That was at the beginning of October in Canberra, Australia.

Image credits: The Australian War Memorial

Image credits: The Australian War Memorial

Image credits: The Australian War Memorial

They soon found out that it was a pigeon who made a beautiful nest from those flowers. This incident happened just before the November 11 Remembrance Day.

Image credits: Travis

The bird built the nest next to a window that was out of stained glass. As was narrated to Sydney Morning Herald, the spot the bird chose is where the wounded soldier is commemorated. It is a symbol of endurance.

Image credits: denisbin

The nest made out of poppies showed how people and animals work together in times of battle.

Image credits: Mike

Nowadays, pigeons are considered nasty birds. However, history shows them to have been very helpful when battles took place when there were no other means of communication.

Image credits: Edward Dalmulder

Dr. Meleah Hampton, a historian, said that pigeons could help pass messages from the frontlines to the back and vice versa. For their services and devotion, 32 pigeons were awarded The PDSA Dickin Medal when WWII took place.

A pigeon called ‘White Vision’ got the medal for taking a message under hostile conditions in October 1943. Because of that, an aircrew was rescued. They were working with the RAF.

People made many positive, humorous comments.