Explanations By Cat Owners Of How The Body Language Of Cats Is Often Misinterpreted By Dog People

Rabbit In Headlights is a Tumblr user who got ticked off by people who conclude that cats are evil because they misunderstand their body language.

In that post, there was a list of mean cat behavior that is not mean if rightly interpreted. A British study conducted a few years ago concluded that in unfamiliar situations, cats do not trust their owners.

But LiveScience pointed out the opposite. They said cats love their owners.

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Natalie Cady Bishop (Cat Behavior Solved) said that cats are not capable of loving as humans do. They can be affectionate.

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Dr. Marci Koski said that cats have different survival instincts, physical adaptations, and emotional expressions. The genesis of dogs and cats’ relation with humans was also different.

The certified training consultant said of how dogs hunted and protected humans for around 30 to 40 thousand years. The relationship is mutual.

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But cats came into the lives of humans 10 thousand years ago. The relationship was aloof as the cats got rid of the rodents, and people let them stay around.

The certified cat behavior expert said that the term cat guardian would be more suitable for a cat owner. While dogs are happy serving humans, cats expect a give-and-take relationship.

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