Photographer Takes Pictures of Abandoned Places Where Nature has Taken Over and Gives Them New Life

Nature has a way of recovering its rights. The houses that we build are not ours forever. Like everything in life, they are only temporary. Some we give, some we sell. And some are abandoned, given to nature’s open embrace. Those artificial structures are thought of as forgotten and erased from anyone’s memory. However, it doesn’t forget and makes them beautiful once more. Someone is bound to find that beauty.

That someone is Roman Thiery. He is a French photographer extraordinaire. For almost ten years, he traveled throughout Europe, searching for abandoned places that nature has taken over. He breathes new life into them and shares with us.

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A forgotten cathedral is rediscovered with a beautiful garden inside.



The plants have overtaken the greenhouse.



The magnificent white pillars will be restored one day.



Strolling in the forgotten garden, reminiscing time lost.



The overgrown ferns will live on forever.



A once beautiful courtyard will be beautiful again.



A massive hall is discovered and now recovered.




An empty room where plants are attempting to get in.




A bedroom is found where numerous things are now living.




An old sofa and table still look great.



An old basketball court is left abandoned to the elements.