A Striking Lace Mural Is Spray-Painted At The French Lace Museum By An Artist Based In Warsaw

There is a city in northern France called Calais legendary for its lace-making culture. Towards the end of the 19th Century, while escaping social and economic challenges, textile engineers and artists flooded the city from England.

They turned it into an industrial center of manufacturing lace. The industry employed about 40,000 residents in those factories.

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To honor this culture that was started in Calais, the French Museum of Fashion and Lace was restored in a renovated factory building from the 19th Century. Then NeSpoon, an artist from Warsaw, used spray paint to create a detailed lace design that was kept from those times. It was a design from 1894, kept in the museum’s archive.

There is a lace collection and fully operational lace-making machines that are 200-years-old in the Museum. It took 12 years to get to the mastery of operating that machine. The master weaver managed 11 thousand threads simultaneously.

NeSpoon’s artwork is mainly of paintings of lace prints on walls or clay. She specializes in laces because of the aesthetic code present in lace culture. She admires the harmony, order, and symmetry those designs present. She feels that people look for that, as she explains on her Behance profile.

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In progress. Calais / France @cite_dentelle_mode

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She uploaded a video on Instagram, showing the painting process. Many people applauded her efforts by admiring her finished work.