27 Things First-Time Moms Should Know Before Giving Birth

Nothing can prepare you completely for parenthood, especially on being a mom. You read all the books, watch all the videos regarding parenting, or talk to pediatricians or professionals, and when the stork delivers your first baby at your doorstep, you hardly know what to do. You just pray that you don’t screw up the kid too much that he/she would be traumatized for life.

Casey Huff is one such person. She recently posted on Instagram a topic which went viral.

Casey shared that she found purpose in being a mother. It’s a very humbling experience to have kids who will be completely dependent on you and it brings a whole lot of perspective to your existence and on the things that truly matter.

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Casey’s Instagram post. The list only covers from 1-15. The continuation is on the second post. It covers the most important and immediate things a mom should know before the baby arrives, like getting lots of sleep and baby formulas.

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Casey Huff | Bouncing Forward (@bouncing_forward) 分享的帖子 ·

This is 16-27. Topics like cleaning your house and managing your marriage are covered here.

Casey’s post about having three kids in three years.

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Casey Huff | Bouncing Forward (@bouncing_forward) 分享的帖子 ·

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