12 Before and After Pictures with Spiritual Themes that Look Magical

Kevin Carden is an expert at photography and digital art. He spent the last decade mastering the art of photo editing with computer software. He has captivated the world with his enchanting digital masterpieces. His artworks are magical and draw you into a world of multi-colored reality.

Kevin is a spiritual man. He draws inspiration from people close to him like his friends and family. He is passionate about digital photography and longs to depict stories, themes and concepts that take inspiration from the Bible. He captures images with his ordinary camera and does some editing through photoshop.

In some cases, he does some painting by hand since he is not adept at doing it digitally yet. At times, though, digital is the only way he can send an accurate message across to people and so he takes advantage of online tools.

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Here are his twelve edited masterpieces:

“You are with me.” A father is protecting her daughter from deadly sharks (figuratively?) in the ocean.

“Some are called to the water.” A woman (from Atlantis?) is walking on the beach.

“Back to school prayer.” The power of prayer.

“How sweet are Your words to my taste!” The Holy Bible provides scrumptious nourishment.

“The tea party is out of this world.” From a scene in “Alice in Wonderland.”

“Looking in.” Understanding the Bible.