Artist’s Rendering of Psychologically Deficient Disney Princesses

Disney princesses live in a fairy-tale world that protects them from the usual problems that the real word has. They’re cartoon characters, after all. They are made to be hyper-realistic and bereft of any real human emotion.

Be that as it may, they are a big influence on young people everywhere, young girls especially. So, giving them real problems is a teaching opportunity for the kids and also provides humor in these challenging times.

Venezuelan artist Maria Guadarrama thought of the idea of humanizing the Disney princesses by creating cartoon drawings of each of them visiting a psychotherapist by the name of Dr Pink Giraffe. They undergo a typical session, then Dr Giraffe reveals the root of their issues.

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They do have deep psychological issues:

#1 Ariel. She has low self-esteem and depends on her man for everything.


#3 Elsa. Letting go is sometimes a bit of bad advice to give to a person like her.


#5 Cinderella. She doesn’t think first before she acts, and that will lead to trouble.


#7 Aurora. Her sleeping sickness made her subject to people who take advantage.


#9 Mulan. She has a misguided notion that saving China would gain her father’s approval. She is wrong and not to be emulated by children.