30 New Tickling Kid’s Language Innovations and New Names to Otherwise Named Things

There’s no one as inventive and innovative as kids are. The trait surfaces as they look to learn a new language. Sometimes they don’t know the exact name of whatever it is they are trying to put a label to. Sometimes they feel they have a better view of what they think it is. More often than not, their view makes a lot of sense.

It does good when a child is encouraged to communicate. And, whatever they say, parents can build on it to bring more understanding to the subject. Even so, you’ll be amazed at how creative they can get with language.

To naturally enrich their vocabulary, tell them of what is happening daily. Use different vocabulary in different contexts. Encourage them to talk about the past and the future when they tell stories. And the most important thing is not to ignore their input, no matter how quirky it may sound.

A “souper scooper” sounds so much better than a “ladle.”

There is no reason whatsoever that a doughnut cannot pass for a cake bagel.

If they are “hush puppies,” they could as well be quiet “doggies.” Right?

It is pretty innovative of a kid to think gloves are “hand socks.”