I Live with 13 Animals in My House!!

Needless to say that I’m an animal lover and after having eight dogs at my home: 6 Huskies, a Samoyed, and a Northern Inuit, I wanted to get a cat for a very long time. I was sure that it would not have been easy to keep a cat among a pack of eight dogs, but I kept doing my research until I found the right fit.

Lynxes are bred for their fur in Russia and once I found out that fur farms still existed I decided to rescue one from one. I call him Geralt, as in Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher. He was a tiny baby when I adopted him and got along very well with my dogs and has even taken a liking to one of my horses.

When I realized that I rescued a lynx and saved him from his destiny of becoming a fur coat, I decided to adopt another one. I got Bulochka from the same farm, and even though I was getting concerned that Geralt would not like her, I was pleasantly surprised to find him treat her as his little sister and is often overprotective of her.

Check out some of my favorite pictures below!