Agitated Woman Gets A Good Dose Of Her Own Medicine When She Mistakes A Customer For An Employee

Being mistaken for an attendant or customer server is not a big deal.
However, being rudely disrupted and gored at could bring you to your knees.
This was not so for the redditor u/Wiggle_it_loose who many times have fallen victim of the same.
He took everything in stride and turned the entire situation to be quite the comedy.
The middle-aged woman was outrageously rude. She drew the attention of everyone. She had some curse words up her negative vibe.
The management eventually took charge, and she was escorted out by security.
The story was well received by the readers. Some hoped the lady learned her lesson. Others thought her actions were not one ready to learn or change her ways.
The beaming, satisfied customer bought the birthday candles he was there for and went his way. He lived yet another day to give the juicy encounter via r/IDontWorkHereLady subreddit. Here they highlight such stories.
It was brought about five years ago, inspired by r/TalesFromRetail and other such like subreddits. Such encounters are rampant in our society today. It is great to share the experiences. They make the day for most people who follow.
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Image credits: Wiggle_it_loose