Have a look at what they eat in the military in different countries!

Have you ever wondered how or what the soldiers eat, when they’re at the borders fighting wars? Who cooks their food, and what are they allowed to eat to keep their strength up?

A Youtuber, David Hong, tried Meals Ready-to-eat (MREs) from different countries & posted reviews online. The compactly packed meals have a lot of variants from different countries of the world. To give us an idea of the MREs, David tried more than 10 food rations from countries like China, Russia & Poland & took some pictures. To be honest some of them look even better than my regular dinners!

When we contacted David, regarding these videos of military food rations, he told us that when he started blogging in 2011, his channel was mainly a gaming channel. Back then he never thought that he’d be posting videos of MREs, till the time he bought his first one – a US MRE that he purchased from an expat living in the country.

Although it seems that these packets are only meant for the military & hard to come by, it isn’t the case anymore, since the MREs are publicly available now. He says that he couldn’t choose a favorite one, since the flavors are different from country to country, but he liked the Russian one since it contained the maximum amount of protein in it.