The most incredibly beautiful places in Pennsylvania. My 10 photo series.

I did an incredible road trip across America looking for the most beautiful, deserted and untouched places across cities and states. I spent months planning the trip, looking for the best blogs, websites & articles, looking for long-forgotten places. I contacted the local people and set up some meets with regional photographers, to get to know more. I was going to cover 10 states without doing any touristy things or visiting shopping spots.

The majority of my time was spent in Pennsylvania where I visited 21 different locations and took thousands of pictures. I had to swap memory cards along the way because I was taking so many pictures. But that was actually the point of my trip – to capture some of the most beautiful unoccupied places across the States.

I’ve combined my 10 best shots to share with you. Go ahead and have a look!

The blue boxing machine was opened in the early 1960s but has been uninhabited for the past decade. It is going to be brought down soon.

This trolley car is slowly decaying and becoming a part of its natural surroundings.

The Gothic church & its beautiful architecture is about 120 years old and has been deserted for almost 20 years.

The library has records of a French American immigrant who was also a philanthropist. The collection holds his financial records of over 50 years.

The beautiful building was constructed in the 1920s.

The school auditorium was built high up on the hill from where you could see the entire city. It was closed in the early 2000s.

This wooden roller coaster was once a part of a theme park.

This neglected theater was closed in 2010 when the High School witnessed the final performance.

The Elementary School was closed in mid 2000s

This unused prison is open for tours.