Tel-Aviv Couple Welcomes Parenting with Comic Illustrations

Yehuda Devir and Maya Devir from Tel Aviv first got trending from their couple goals comics. This time around, the couple adds a member to their team.

The couple shares the pain of breastfeeding together.

The couple shares the pain of breastfeeding together.

The woman enjoys hearing her man loves her.

The proud parents marvel at their little one.

The two treat each other as partners.

The couple gains together.

The parents enjoy shadowplay with their curious child.

Brand new parents cry together with their baby.

The couple plays a little war roleplay sometimes.

Dad wants some of his private space.

The couple takes turns in making their baby sleep.

Dad fancies the mess of his little family.

Dad fixes his baby’s hair his way.

Only one has to sleep peacefully.

The couple has each other when separation anxiety hits.

Extending a family is no joke.

The couple takes advantage of some quiet time.

Baby enjoys her first Halloween!

The female body means different things for the members of the family.

The parents shower their daughter with hills of gifts.

It takes two to survive a pregnancy.

A mother deserves some recognition.

New parents try to capture every little moment.

Parenting makes one a bit crazy.

The parents want their baby to stay as a baby.

No one panics in such a situation at all.

The parents do everything to protect their daughter.

Mom balances using her belly!

Romance gets difficult.

No one disturbs bedtime.

Parents documents their daughter for the ‘gram.

The couple will get through this together.

When the baby eats, parents hide.

The couple celebrates the mother’s electrifying birthday.

The aftermath of putting a baby to sleep is not glamorous.

Sale shopping becomes more exciting with a baby around.

Parents sometimes hurt each other during the baby’s bathtime.

The resemblance cannot be denied.