Failed Software Functions That Will Leave You In Stitches

Did you know that there is a subreddit whose main content is software fails? They will leave you reeling in laughter. They are malfunctions that no one saw coming.
The community has over one million members. They are the worst fails. The good thing is the comedy they produce. An instance would be when 滴itler and the Nazis・documentary was described during the Spongebob movie.
The subreddit痴 moderator continued to say that the community is loyal and try to come up with ideas trying to explain what caused the glitches. If the failure is funny, some create a meme from it.
Such a major experience was experienced by Heathrow Airport when over one hundred flights were interrupted on 16th February 2020. The airport痴 spokesperson that the technical glitch was because of the sensitivity of the process.
Nest smart thermostat that belongs to Google experienced an inconvenience when an update to its software in January 2016, went wrong.
The batteries of the devices got heated up, which left many homes unable to get hot water or heating in their homes. It turned out to be among the coldest weekends of 2016. The company blamed a faulty firmware. The issue was dealt with.
Technology can be tricky sometimes.