A Kind Heart Can Be Spotted With An Umbrella In Hand Sheltering A Dog From The Rain

One security guard (Ethan Dearman) recently got famous on Twitter when a photo was uploaded of him holding an umbrella over a golden retriever.
He saw the dog sitting in the rain waiting for the owner who was inside the supermarket (Morrisons Supermarket in the UK).
Not knowing whether or not the dog was enjoying the rain, he sheltered it as he didn’t mind the rain.
The heartwarming scene was photographed by Mel Gracie, who was watching from her car in Giffnock, Scotland. She uploaded it on her Twitter account with a matching caption.
Soon Ethan received many praises for his act of kindness. He was taken by surprise by the attention given to his actions. He thought he was making a few people happy.
The post got over 143 thousand likes and almost 20 thousand retweets.
People were amazed, and some viewed him as a hero. Some suggested a raise for him for his caring attitude towards the customers and their pets. Some felt that people who care for human rights should be as proactive.
David Cherry (dog-owner), found the post and extended his gratitude for the care and concern not only to the dog (Freddie) but also to his father and brother (Stuart) too. He explained the events that led to the moment.

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Image credits: davidjcherry

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