30 Incredible Pictures Of The Then And Now Puppy-Dogs

If you are a dog owner, then you know how fast the puppies grow.
Most dogs are adult after one year on average. However, the smaller breeds take a shorter time to mature. There are many Twitter users who have been tracking the growth of their puppies and posting them.
The fellow with the Twitter handle @_ThatGuyFuller posted a picture of his goldendoodle held in his arms at two and then at seven months. The thread could not stop growing after that. With 300 thousand retweets, and over two million likes.
Donkoo Dog・experts support tracking a puppy’s growth and development process. The breed of dog will determine at what point they mature. Smaller breeds grow up till six or eight months. Bigger dog breeds may stop growing at twelve or eighteen months of age.
If the puppy has too much loose skin, it is likely that it will grow big.
Training your pet and helping them interact with the rest of the family and how fast they can do this determines their social maturity.
The experts emphasize on a healthy diet. A good diet will result to a well-rounded, socially and physically mature dog. You should however not overfeed the puppy. They may get an undesired growth spurt.

Image credits: _ThatGuyFuller