Jill Bliss Captures Unique Dazzling Displays Of Colorful Mushrooms

Lying out in the Pacific Northwest, is a little island surrounded by the Salish Sea. There lives an artist who sold all her livelihood to start a new life there in 2012.
Jill Bliss, who worked as a designer in San Francisco and New York, is now an active photographer of nature. She enjoys finding a variety of colorful fungi which she arranges and captures in pictures.
She has named the undertaking 哲ature Medleys.・
Her effort to connect with nature can be said to produce positive results.
The beautiful photos are displayed here and more of them can be found on her Instagram page.
She also owns an online shop where she sells her work.
Jill bought half an acre of land on the island. There are thirty other households that live on the island.
She moves around and stays in various cabins on various islands that have not been mapped out yet. She indulges the locals but mostly connects with nature, the animals, sleeps, reads and gets creative.
She has fully adapted a new lifestyle of cooking with a wood stove, chopping wood, cooking, kayaking and hiking while it rains.
She also has ample time of quietness to reflect and observe natural occurrences.