Fake Instagrammers Caught Red-Handed and It’s Absolutely Ridiculous (35 photos)

In our world dominated by the screen generation and social media interaction, a daily bombardment of seemingly perfect photos is a normal occurrence. However, the reality is that most of the pictures are heavily altered to appear as flawless as they are.

A subreddit was created to dedicate efforts to uncovering such photoshopped images and how they were found out to be fake.

1 Personal Cloud

2 Maybe Just One More Filter…

3 Damn He’s Ripped

The global pandemic did not help diminish the number of people who edit their posts as they upload. If anything, people had more time and motivation to do such.

4 I Don’t Even Know

5 Half Person Half Cartoon?!

6 Found One In The Wild

7 The Baddest Indeed

8 Such A Pretty Sunset 🙂

9 I Have No Idea What This Is…

10 This Is… A Lot To Take In

11 Well That’s Something New

12 Where’s The Nose?

13 She Looks Better Without It Though….

14 The Face Of A Ps3 Character

15 The Queen Of Makeup

16 Turns Out Those Organs Did Exist After All

17 She Could’ve Just Said The Truth..

18 Something Out Of An Indie Horror Game

19 Post vs. Profile Picture.

20 Linkedin Now Too

21 This Fake Influencer

22 This Girl Has A Disney-Themed Account

23 Why Do Women Want To Look Like This??

24 A$$ So Phat Even The Car Had To Make Space

25 Who Needs Organs Anyway?

26 This Can’t Be Just “Angles”

27 I Think We’ve All Wondered What She Really Looks Like

28 Profile Pic On Twitter vs. Still From Interview

29 This “Makeup Artist” Advertising Her Work…

30 Such A Beautiful Home

31 Literally A Different Person Every Single Photo

32 Armpit? I Don’t Know Her

33  His Edited Nose